Ground Support

We either provide or arrange for the various services needed on the ground after our clients' private aircraft arrive

  • ESCORT SERVICE FOR VIPs AND CREW: Our hospitality professionals escort passengers and crew smoothly through the airport terminal before departure and after arrival
  • AIRCRAFT GROUND GUIDANCE AND MAINTENANCE: After landing, we guide business jets to the aircraft parking apron. We also provide pushback and towing services to help move aircraft to designated areas
  • AIRCRAFT SERVICING: We maintain onboard toilets and lavatories, and arrange water supply. We can also make arrangements for Ground Power Unit (GPU) cars and Air Conditioned Unit (ACU) cars on request
  • HOTEL AND TRANSPORTATION ARRANGEMENT: We take care of booking the hotel of choice for passengers and crew during their stay and coordinate the car rental and airport-hotel-airport transportation
  • CATERING ARRANGEMENT: In AEROSERVICIOS we take very serious the catering service, offering our clients a variety of food service partners that will help us to bring you the most exciting variety of gourmet appetizers and creative cuisine
  • AIRCRAFT SECURITY ARRANGEMENT: Our security staff provides your aircraft high-level security around the clock
  • Fuel Coordination: Fuel coordination is a complete solution for our clients in the procurement of fuel and fuel related services. The service offers a single point of contact, complete price transparency, access to expertise, competitive bidding of fuel requirements, paying supplier invoices and preparing customized reports. The service is available to support around the clock, seven days a week

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